Mar 30, 2010

Pong – A Gamers' Legacy

I found this video on the internet the other day, and thought you gamers out there might think this is interesting. When I saw this I thought of Sundance, as he is a big time gaming geek.

It is sort of funny now because video games, and home gaming consoles have been so engrained in our culture for the last 30+ years, but in the early to mid sixties, playing a video game on your TV was unthinkable!

Below is a video of the very first documented PONG game played on a television from 1969. The inventor of the gaming console seen in the video was Ralph H. Baer. According to, although the video was taped in 1969, the very first time the game was played was in December of 1967 in preparation for a visit from Teleprompter executives the following January whom they were trying to sell licenses to.



I remember the first video games I had at home. They were Defender and Asteroids on my our Atari 2600 Jr. What was the first gaming system you owned? What were some of the games you used to play on it? Let us know in the comments!

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