Mar 22, 2010

You Did NOT Put My Sticker on an Acer!

You may or may not know this, but about a month or so ago I kicked off a minor Twitter contest. I was inching ever so close to 500 followers, but never quite reaching it so I decided to announce via Twitter that I would give away free 2GB USB stick with Bauer-Puntu Linux pre-installed. Sure, not a huge prize, and the USB stick was a used one donated by my coworker but still, free is free right?

Well, I got myself a winner. The prize goes by RWING5 on Twitter, and it almost seems like he signed up for Twitter just to win the USB stick. He is only following 5 people, one I don’t know about, me, and three guys that are on really cool Revision 3 shows like Tekzilla and Hak5. I actually felt pretty special to be in the same crowd as Darren Kitchen and Patrick Norton! Anyway, along with the 2GB USB stick with Bauer-Puntu, I also packed in there an official Bauer-Power sticker!

Well, RWING5 received his USB goodness last Thursday, and how did he repay me? By sticking the Bauer-Power sticker on his Acer Aspire One D250! WTF!?!?

acer bauer-power

Don’t get me wrong, I am enthused that he wanted to put the sticker on his laptop and essentially show off his Bauer-Power love wherever he goes, but on an Acer? I guess RWING5 didn’t know how much I hated Acer. I even wrote an article about how I would never buy another Acer again because of their shoddy customer service!

To take it a bit further, Sundance and I even did a video where we went Office Space on an Acer:



I am glad to have RWING5 as a reader and twitter follower. I am overjoyed that he actually put my sticker on his laptop. I just wish it wasn’t an Acer! Am I wrong about this? Hit me up in the comments.

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