Feb 25, 2010

Cairo-Dock in Bauer-Puntu 10.04

I know that I just finished with Bauer-Puntu 9.10R2, and so far it seems to be a really big hit. Apparently what people want is a USB stick with tools they can actually USE on a daily basis! Go figure! Anyway, since 9.10R2 is so popular (Well, as popular as a no-name distro can be) I am already thinking about the next release which of course will be version 10.04 and based on Lucid Lynx.

I think I will keep with the same formula as 9.10R2, which is to have a healthy balance of fun stuff (i.e. social networking, social media, etc) as well as useful tools for the computer tech/system administrator crowd (Virus scan, Windows password reset, disk partitioning, etc).

One more thing to add to the mix is a little eye candy, so I thought it would be fun to install Cairo-Dock by default. Here is a glimpse of what it might look like. I installed Cairo-Dock on Bauer-Puntu 9.10R2 here:



What do you think? Do you like animated Mac-like docks? There are others besides Cairo-Dock. Which one(s) do you like? Let me know in the comments.

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