Apr 9, 2009

Ubuntu n00b? Here's A Free Ubuntu Pocket Guide!

A lot of you out there subscribe to Bauer-Power because you are fellow Ubuntu users, and like hearing about cool Ubuntu tips, tricks, and other geeky Linux goodness. Many of you are Linux n00bs, and that is okay. You have to start somewhere right?

For those of you just dipping your big toes into the big Linuxy pond of Ubuntu there are lots of cool, free resources available online to help you learn the ways of Ubuntu. Just like Bauer-Power, there are other groups that strive to help out Linux n00bs.

One such guy went above and beyond in my opinion. A man by the name of Keir Thomas wrote a pocket guide for Ubuntu, and made it freely available for download online! The book is called "Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference."

Here is a direct download link: (UPG&R Download)

For those of you who prefer not to download PDF's, and would rather just purchase a book, the book is also available to purchase for the nominal price of $11.99 here: (Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference Purchase)

Seriously though, how cool is that? How many free manuals are there for Windows? I may be wrong, but there probably aren't any (If there are let me know in the comments). Know of any other free linux manuals for say, Gentoo, Fedora, Suse etc? Let us know in the comments!

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