Apr 30, 2009

Playing games like Fatal Frame IV on your Wii

Using the Wii Homebrew channel and USB Loader 1.4.

What this will help you do is Mount your ISO files to your thumb drive or SD card and play the games without having to burn them to a DVD. The Wii can be really picky about loading up backup DVD's sometimes.

First thing you will need to do is install the Wii Homebrew Channel. For that Here is a good walkthrough.

After you got the channel installed, download my Homebrew pack and extract it into your SD card overwriting everything. (They can be found at MakeMeASammich.net)

Then reload your Homebrew channel and load the SD/USB Loader from the Homebrew channel.

For installation make sure to choose the Network or Internet option. You will need to have your Wii connected to the internet to use this option but it'll install all updated files that and I've had a lot less issues with it.

Now run the WBFS GUI TOOL V2 to mount your game ISO to your USB drive, Thumbdrive or SDHC card. Oh also before you can mount your ISO’s you’ll have to format it. So make sure to clear it off and back up anything you have on the removable media before you format it.

For the Files you need can be found at MakeMeaSammich.net that is my tech file site. It’ll prob always be a little run down but oh well. If you guys want a more in depth walkthrough about getting a specific game or something to work just throw us a line and we’ll hook you up.

As always, Sammich or Die. Mr. EpicFail

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