Apr 1, 2009

Using Technology To Inform Friends and Family of a New Baby

Hello everyone out there on the interweb! I come to you today with some really fantastic news! I became a father once again on Monday March 30th at 4:40pm Pacific to a healthy baby boy!

If you have been following me on Twitter, you probably noticed that I was able to keep everyone I knew up-to-date with almost play-by-play up to the minute reporting using all of my social network accounts. I was also able to do that at the same time!

Some of you out there may be familiar with this awesome service already, but if not let me enlighten you! I signed up for a Ping.fm account a while back, but never really started using it until recently. I didn’t start really using it until I realized that plenty of Twitter clients have Ping.fm built in!

The client I mainly use now days is Twhirl, and yes it has Ping.fm functionality built in. “So What?” you are probably asking. Well, now all I have to do is send my normal update to Twitter using Twhirl, and now my Facebook and MySpace statuses are updated as well! Bam! A literal one stop shop!

So back to my baby boy (Brayden Bauer), during my wife’s entire labor process I was able to keep friends and family up-to-date via Twitter, or whatever social network they preferred (Mostly Facebook). I did it from the hospital by emailing Ping.fm from my Blackberry.

Also, Ping.fm lets you email in Pictures similar to Twitpic, with the exception that all of your social networks will get the links to your pictures, not just your Twitter followers!

Speaking of pictures, here are some from Monday, and Tuesday:

whole gang

Left to Right: Paul, Brayden, Mary, Anne

Momma and Brayden

Momma (Mary) and Brayden


Brayden’s Close-Up


My Beautiful Family: Kayla, Mary and Brayden

You can still read the play by play action on my Twitter page here: (Paul’s Twitter)

What social networking services do you like to use to get the word out? Know of any that do the same, or better than Ping.fm? Let me know in the comments!

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