Apr 29, 2009

We Didn’t Start The Flame War - ROFLMFAO

WOW! I just finished catching up on Digg Reel on my Tivo, and they showcased one of the funniest video’s I have ever seen my entire life! Well, one of the funniest online videos I have ever seen my entire life.

What makes it so funny? It pokes fun at the comments you see every day on sites like Digg. You know, flaming comments from internet tough guys!

This video is called, “We Didn’t Start The Flame War” from the folks over at CollegeHumor.com. I posted the version from Youtube though because it fits better here. Enjoy!

That video isn’t the only way you have to enjoy that song. Oh hells no! You can download the MP3 here: (WDSTFW MP3)

Excuse me while I go change my pants. I laughed so hard I pissed myself! (Just kidding! Great, now you guys are going to flame my comment section!)

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