Apr 10, 2009

Netflix User? Are you Getting Your Money's Worth?

Have you ever been curious about your movie rental statistics? Maybe you want to see how much each rental is costing you on average? Maybe you want to compare your movie watching with others? Who knows? Whatever your reasons, I have a site for you!

Well, let me rephrase that. If you are a Netflix user, I have a site for you! This site allows you to track your rental stats and see if you are getting your money's worth out of Netflix!

This site is called Feedflix, and like most things we talk about on Bauer-Power, it is absolutely free!

With Feedflix you can:

  • See how much each rental is costing you
  • Sign up for gentle email reminders when you've kept a title for too long
  • Track how many movies you are watching and compare yourself with others
  • Share your Netflix Queue and Reviews with anybody (even if they aren't Netflix members)

Not to mention all of this is done behind the scenes with no effort at all. All your stats are automatically updated with your Netflix account!

Pretty cool right? Know of something like this for us lonely Blockbuster users? Let me know in the comments.

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