Apr 21, 2009

Another Example of Poor Service From Acer

After last week’s post about my problem with Acer, and their lousy customer service I decided to seek out some other like-minded individuals with similar Acer horror stories. I honestly think that it is important to spread the word about companies like this to help protect the unknowing out there.

This lady bought an Acer laptop, and one year later it started making a ghastly grinding noise. She sent it back to Acer, and they reportedly fixed some random stuff and sent it back to her. When she got it the grinding noise was still there. She sent it back two more times with no results from Acer, and finally the warranty ran out on it.

Here is her video from Youtube:

Now I got a lot of flack from various people who barely read my last article, and obviously don’t understand the importance of customer service, and support. That is certainly a quality that is lacking in our modern culture.

I wanted to share this video so everyone can plainly see what a piece of crap product Acer makes, and just how bad their customer service and support really is.

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