Jan 25, 2010

Umbraco Multiple file upload "There has been an I/O error: Error #2038"

The error "There has been an I/O error: Error #2038" I seem get almost every time I update my Umbraco instance on our web server. Every time I always forget what I did to get rid of it and search for at least 20-30 min to figure it out again. So this time I’m documenting it here at Bauer-Power for your benefit as well as mine.

I pulled resources from a couple different places including Codeplex and the Umbraco Forums and will just use direct links to the download fix at the end of this article. But according to a few people in the Umbraco forums it looks like it’s really just an issue with Firefox now. So really the fix is just updating the source code.

When installing the fix just download the file below and replace the files on your server in the corresponding directories. Now remember not to replace the entire directories or you’ll have some major issues, so it’s just the files in each directory.

Download Fix

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