Jan 20, 2010

TechPunch shows us the REAL CES

A friend of mine from my previous company named Enrique has joined forces with the folks at TechZulu as a part of of their TechPunch crew. One of the first things they decided to do was to head to the recent CES electronic conference in Las Vegas. When they got there, according to Enrique, CES was all hype, but wasn’t at all what he expected.

While CES is going on, you see countless internet shows like Tekzilla, G4’s AOTS, and others swarm to CES to show us the latest and greatest in new toys and gadgets. On those shows it looks wild, but according to my friend it is more like a glorified Best Buy. Because of their disappointment they decided to satire their experience.

From Enrique on TechZulu:

Simply put, this was the first time Jacob and I had ever been to CES, and honestly - I was expecting a little more than a glorified Best Buy and Radio Shack, sans cash registers. By the middle of the first day, after my awe of "holy moly - that's a big booth!" wore off, there really wasn't much else to see... aside from blurry televisions.

Yes, I understand, 3D is the wave of the future... circa 1950. I get that, and think it's really neat.

Here are their videos from CES:

The Real CES Day 1

The Real CES Day 2

If you liked what you saw above, you can keep up with all of their antics over at http://techzulu.com/techpunch. You can also follow them on Twitter @techpunch.

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