Jan 6, 2010

Another Twitter Cleaner FTW!

Periodically when using Twitter you tend to get a lot of junk in your Twitter stream. Also, Twitter is overrun by spammers galore, and people who don’t have anything relevant to say. Plus, there are those who sign up for Twitter once say something, then drop off the face of the planet.

A while back I introduced some of you to a pretty cool tool called Mutuality. It did three following three things for you in bulk:

  • Un-follow all who do not follow you back
  • Un-follow all
  • Follow all who follow you

The other day I was introduced to an even better tool for un-following spam bots and time wasters. It is called TheTwitCleaner. This tool does the following according to their page:

  • Analyses all the people you follow
  • Finds time wasters, spammers, the boring, bots etc
  • Creates a detailed report of everyone you're following
  • Increases the integrity & authenticity of your brand or personal image
  • Clears up the 'background noise' of Twitter
  • Enables you to focus your time & energy (whether you're on Twitter for friendship, business, or both)
  • Un-follow people & blame it on us! *wink*

the twit cleaner

I ran the tool, and true to form they sent me a DM with a link to my detailed report. It showed me the spammers I was following, those who post nothing but links, people who haven’t been active for months, and a few others. I did a bulk clean-up with just a click on the button. It also un-follows people a little at a time so as not to trigger the mass un-follow alarm on Twitter’s end. All-in-all, not too shabby.

What tools do you like to use to keep your Twitter stream flowing smoothly and garbage free? Let us know in the comments!

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