Jan 4, 2010

Keep The Feds Out With Decaf

Have you ever wondered what the authorities use to gather data from your computer? One of the big tools they use is call COFFEE, or Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor. It is a tool that runs on a USB stick that the Feds can plug into your laptop to automatically gathers a whole boat load of data that could potentially land you in the slammer. I mean, I am sure you are all just downloading free Open Source applications, and Creative Commons music from Bit Torrent right? Ha!

According to Microsoft’s COFFEE page, Coffee allows you the Feds:

… to run more than 150 commands on a live computer system. It also provides reports in a simple format for later interpretation by experts or as supportive evidence for subsequent investigation and prosecution. And the COFEE framework can be tailored to effectively meet the needs of your particular investigation.

To combat this tool, a group of Hackers put together their own counter-tool called DECAF! I first heard it mentioned on HAK5, and when I Googled it I found an article on Wired saying this about DECAF:

decaf logo [Decaf] deletes temporary files or processes associated with COFEE, erases all COFEE logs, disables USB drives, and contaminates or spoofs a variety of MAC addresses to muddy forensic tracks.

I fairly certain that using this tool to hinder an investigation is probably illegal. You know, obstruction of justice and all that jazz, but if your privacy is a concern to you, and you don’t want Uncle Sam’s minions digging through your laundry, then perhaps DECAF is right for you!

What is your favorite anti-authority program? Know of other programs like COFFEE and DECAF? Hit us up in the comments!

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