Jan 12, 2010

Star Trek Online Free Open Beta Key Giveaway!!

Important news!!! TenToneHammer.com is giving away the Open beta Keys for Star Trek Online. Supplies are limited. You don’t have to be a premium member or an existing member or anything. I just signed up with a new account there and got my beta key instantly.

“Boldly go into open beta with a key from Ten Ton Hammer!

Be part of the Star Trek Online's open beta with a key from Ten Ton Hammer! Help test the game from January 12th (at 10am PST) to the 26th. Key quantities are limited so act fast! Login then click here for instructions, then click here to check out the latest Star Trek Online articles and guides from Ten Ton Hammer!”


Remember though that you need to go to the Star Trek Online Open Beta page and activate your key and create an account to login and play the game. The section to paste your key into will look just like below for those of you that need some visual help.



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