Jan 18, 2010

Episode 17 – Spy Watch (CVSL-I21) Review

Yes, it is time for another installment of my video series! In this episode I decided to review a spy watch with a hidden digital video camera in it. i first mentioned it last month in my Top 10 Geeky Christmas Wish List post. Back then it was going got about $75 on Amazon, now they have it listed for about $199.

The watch is called the CVSL-I21 DVR watch. I wanted it because I am a huge James Bond fan and I love gadgets that are similar to stuff Bond might use. I thought this watch would be just like that. It looked nice in the pictures, and it had some cool features like 8 GB of USB storage, 640 x 480 AVI video at 20FPS, and it even tells time! But alas, it wasn’t exactly the best watch. In fact, I will go ahead and say it is a piece of complete junk!

I wore it for only a week, and not only did the glass face crack, but a day or two after that my watch band broke too! What a piece of crap! Take a look at my video review:



Know of a similar watch with better quality? Perhaps something in HD and has a working microphone! If you know of a better Spy Watch, hit me up in the comments!

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