Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year – I’m On A Mac Parody

I wanted to wish all of you loyal readers a very happy New Year. I hope you are all not too hung over to read this. Anyway, 2009 was a pretty good year for Bauer-Power. We have steadily increased our RSS Subscribers, and we steadily have about 50-60,000 visitors per month. Not bad for something I try to do in my spare time!

We hope to bring you even more techy goodness in 2010. In the mean-time, I thought I would show you a funny video my buddy sent me. It is a spoof on Andy Samberg’sI’m on a Boat” video. It is called, I’m on a Mac! Check it out:

What did you think? Hilarious right? How many of you are switching to Mac for the new year? I’m not, but want to know if any of you are. Hit me up in the comments. Let me know why you are making the switch or not.

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