Dec 14, 2008

Blackberry Desktop Software Download: NO FORMS!

This post is primarily for me. You see, I hate every damned time I need to install the Blackberry Desktop software in order to transfer MP3's back and forth easily between my PC and my Blackberry, that I have to go the Blackberry website, and fill out a friggin' form just to download something!

Why do companies feel the need to do that? I mean really, you have already sold us a $400 PDA phone! You have already sold my company Blackberry Enterprise Server, and have already sold us over a hundred licenses! What more can you possible use my form information for to sell me? Have you not sold us enough?

For crying out loud!

Crackberry AddictSo here is the deal, I am putting Desktop Manager 4.7.0 B50 Multilanguage - With Media Manager up on Adrive for easy download. No forms, no nonsense, just click and boom! I am downloading it! You want to download it too you say? Here you go! ( Blackberry Desktop Software Download)

Password is BauerPower

Am I wrong to be annoyed by this? Are you annoyed by this too? Let Blackberry know how you feel in the comments!

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