Dec 23, 2008

Netflix Movies and TV Shows on your XBOX

What would you call a the bastard child between Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Netflix? Well I'd call it Nixboxlix. Yeah I know it was pretty lame. Well it looks like Microsoft and Netflix signed up a deal together. You can now watch your Netflix Watch it now Queue on your Xbox. I've tried it out for a while and the quality over a wired connection on Broadband Cable internet is just as good as watching it on my PC.

Now, you can't sort the list or anything. It just shows it in a list by the movie/show cover by order that you added it to your queue. Also it kind of sucks because you have to add items to your Netflix watch it now queue from your pc, then turn around and watch them on the Xbox. So that can get annoying pretty quick, but if there is a show you like just add a good group of those and it's not too bad.

Another thing that is nice about it is that it keeps your place no matter where you watch it at. So say you're at work and you're watching a movie there (durring your break like always, right?) and you stop it to get back to work and then you get home you can pick it up on your Xbox from where you left off at.

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