Dec 5, 2008

I was wrong about Twitter...

I know, I know! I wrote a little while back how I hated Twitter and I thought it was lame. Then I spent some time on it, and now I am addicted.

It is so easy for me to stay connected with other people I am following and who are following me. It is almost as easy as email! Also, since it limits your characters, you are forced to keep your thoughts and communications short and to the point.

I have since found a cool Twitter client for my Blackberry to keep my up to date, and tweeting wherever I am. It is called Twitterberry. I love it because if I am board, I can send out a quick distress tweet to complain about my situation. Likewise, if I am doing something cool I can tweet about that too. All from the convenience of my phone.

TwitterDon't worry, I am not going to Tweet every time I use the restroom like my Twitter pal here: (I Took a Dump on Twitter)

I am really starting to like Twitter more than Myspace, as it is just simpler, more to the point, and has less annoying ads.

If you want to start following me, you can do that here: (

I tend to tweet about more than just the blog, and computers, but it is a good place to get a heads up on whats new with the blog.

What about you hardcore Twitter users? What do you like about it? Whats your favorite Twitter client? I want to hear about all things Twitter! Let me know in the comments.

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