Dec 4, 2008

Funny Mortal Kombat Soundboard

So what would you do if you had Hernan Sanchez, the going on 10 year voice actor for Mortal Kombat, in an interview?

Well Maxim knew exactly what to do, and that is make him say funny things like, "Epic Fail" and "I'd hit that". You can click on soundboard here and hear all of what they recorded him saying in his thundering MK voice.

From The Maxim Website:

"We put Mr. Sanchez and his thundering larynx to the test with some of our own alternatives, ranging from nerd favorite phrases like "Epic Fail" to what we're expecting to play right after the President-elect's swearing in ceremony on January 20. Enjoy!"

Wanna share it on your own site? Use this embed code:

This is the second soundboard we shared with you guys this week. (What, you didn't read about Leeroy Jenkins?) I guess its obvious we love them. Know of any other good soundboards? Hit us up in the comments!

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