Dec 10, 2008

For Those Too Lazy To Google It Themselves

I was pumping some serious iron last night on my Total Gym while watching a little Diggnation on my Tivo. In the episode, one of the most Dugg items was a website that is perfect for those people that are just too lazy to do a search on Google. So of course they come to you! That website is what this article is all about.

If you are reading this, and you are not in the I.T. industry, let me tell you a little secret... Bend a little closer... a little closer now...


For those of you reading this that are in I.T. you know what I'm talking about. You get those people that come to you and ask you various questions because it is easier to go to you than it is to do a quick search on the all knowing Google. Or at least, that is what they think.

Well, here is the perfect site for both the lazy people, and those of use stuck Googling shit for everyone else. It is called Let Me Google That For You.

If you are the lazy person, you simply type your question in the box and click Google Search. That creates a link that will take you to your new Google butler that will do your Google search for you, and provide you with the answer to your question.

If you are the I.T. person doing the search, you do the same thing as the lazy person, and copy the link that it creates and you email it to the person who originally asked you a question. When they get it they will see a recreation of your original search but will provide the person whom you sent the link to with valuable step by step instructions on how to use the site such as:

  1. Type in your question
  2. Click the search button
When they click Search a message displays saying, "Was that so hard?" then it eventually takes them to the Google Search results. Here is a screen capture I took of me doing it:

Yeah, it is sort of an asshole thing to do, but seriously, people need to start Googling for themselves. It really does save everyone valuable time so they can be doing important things... Like Blogging.

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