Jan 17, 2008

Some Things To Know About Digg's Shout Feature

I have a lot of friends on digg. Sure some of you may have way more than me, and if so that is great. The purpose of this post isn't to measure who has more friends. This isn't MySpace after all.

One thing about having a lot of friends on digg is it give you the ability to get the items you are submitting in front of more eyes, and in doing so you get more diggs. If you have a lot of friends and they all digg your submission it can give it the momentum it needs to get to the front page.

The best way of letting your friends know about your new submissions is the digg shout it feature. It allows you to post something new, then tell your friends about it and ask them to digg it for you if they like it. The problem with it is that it can be abused. To combat what digg has deemed "shout spam" digg put some limitations on the shout feature. These limitations are something you need to know.

  • The first thing you should know is that you are limited to 20 shouts at one time. Have you wondered why you have 300 friends, but the "shout to all" button never works? That is because you can only shout in 20 person bursts.

  • The second thing you should know is you can only shout to a maximum of 60 people before you get the error message telling you to slow down. Now this maximum is not set on a per day basis. You just have to wait an hour or so before sending more shouts out. Make sure you keep track of who you send shouts too because I hate duplicates!

  • The last thing I wanted to make sure everyone knows is that the shout button IS NOT BROKEN! What I mean by that is when you select 20 of your friends to shout to, and you type in your little, "digg me" message then hit shout it takes sometimes 30 or 40 seconds to send it. Sure digg needs to do something to fix it, but it is not broken per se. Patience is key! I just spent all morning catching up on shouts and I am sure half of them were duplicates because people were getting impatient so they hit the send button a couple of times. JUST HIT IT ONCE!

I am sure there are more things to know about the shout feature. If you know of any more limitations, or tips people should know that I missed please hit me up in the comments.

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