Jan 3, 2008

The Correct Pronunciacion of Linux

I never really thought about this but there may be some confusion out there on how to properly pronounce Linux. You see, the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, pronounces his name in many different ways depending on which language he is speaking. In fact if you follow the link I put on Linus's name above, it will take you to a Wikipedia article on Linus and right after his name they post a link to an OGG file on the correct pronunciation of his name. (Click Here for The OGG File)

Since Linux is partially named after it's creator Linus (The other part of the name comes from Unix) and there is a discrepancy on how to pronounce his name, it follows logically that some people may have problems correctly pronouncing Linux.

To set everyone straight, here is a video of Linus telling people how to pronounce his name, and the name of Linux:

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