Jan 25, 2008

Pimp Out Your Linux System With Free Stickers

I am a big fan of Linux and open source in general. I love the idea of free software that is community supported. There just is a great sense of freedom in using free to use, and free to customize software. Not to mention it really lets me get my geek on, and I like that!

Now do you want to know what I hate? I hate having to spend hundreds of dollars on a computer, then on top of that giving Microsoft free advertising by having their sticker on my machine. Screw that! What if I don't have a crappy Windows system on my machine? What if I am running Ubuntu, Gentoo, Fedora or any one of my other favorite Linux systems? Why would I have a Windows sticker on my box then?

gnu software sticker bookNow you can pimp out your open source badness machine with free stickers that you can download and print yourself. There are literally hundreds of stickers in the two volumes that I am about to give you. They include stickers for just plain Linux, then it spreads out to distribution specific like Ubuntu, Gentoo and the like. They even have stickers for your favorite applications.

You can download both volumes in one complete zip file here (Gnu Software Sticker Book)

Once you download them, I recommend buying some sticker paper from Office Depot, Staples, Quill, Office Max, or whoever you prefer, and print them out. carefully cut out your design and voilla! Instant geeky goodness! Or you just be cheap like me, print them out on regular paper and tape them on your machine.

[EDIT]- If you want to be lazy, I will print out a free "Powered By Ubuntu" sticker for you on self adhesive sticker paper. Check out my offer here: (Free Powered By Ubuntu Sticker Offer)

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