Jan 18, 2008

How Much Ram is in Your Box?

I have just completed another poll. Sorry I didn't have this one open as long as I normally do, but that did not stop a bunch of you from answering. The poll asked you Bauer-Power readers how much RAM you guys had in your computer. The poll is closed, and the results are in. The numbers make me just so damned proud!

Almost half of you answered that you have 2GB of RAM in your box! That is great. I personally don't like anything less than 2GB myself. 23% of you even answered that you had more than 2GB. Unless you are a gamer, or you are running a server more than 2GB may be a little over kill, but still very cool.

Here is a chart with a break down on the numbers:

how much ram is in your computer, good amount of ram in your computer

For those of you still sporting 256MB that is just sad! Seriously, you need to add more ram, or get a newer machine with more RAM. Are you wondering why it is so slow with all the newer applications? Stop wondering!

Don't forget to checkout my newest poll on the right. I want to know what kind of power supply you are packing! This is inspired by my new 800 watt beauty I got in the mail today from NewEgg.com because my 650 watt one just gave out on me Wednesday. You have plenty of time to answwer this time, so let me know what you've got!

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