Jan 10, 2008

Make Your Own Spy Camera Sunglasses

One of my favorite movies of all time is the first Mission: Impossible with Tom Cruise. One of the coolest scenes in the movie in my opinion was when he was on the train wearing glasses looking into the face of the man who framed him and says, "I'm not the only one who has seen you alive!"

Just then he rips the glasses of his face and tosses them at the bad guy (Jim Phelps). The bad guy looks at the glasses and the screen cuts to the head of IMF watching the whole scene on his closed circuit television watch. The glasses hid a secret camera!

What if you could make those glasses yourself? Now you can! One of my favorite websites, KipKay.com shows you exactly how to make your own spy sunglasses! Check it out:

The applications for this are limitless. Well, maybe not so much, but it sure would be a fun toy to play with. Just don't take these into the girls locker rooms at the gym ;-)

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