Jan 14, 2008

Make Windows XP Look Like Fedora Linux!

Every now and again I post software to transform your boring Windows box and make it look like something cooler. A few months ago I wrote about the Vista Transformation pack for those of you not willing to endure the pain of Vista, but still want the prettiness of it. Not too long after that I wrote about a tool bar to make your Windows XP box look more like MAC OSX, and somewhere in the comments somebody mentioned yet another method.

What about you Linux fans? Do you have all things linux at home, but at your day job you are forced into a world of Windows? Would you like to take some of your dignity back? If so, I have something cool for you.

It is the Fedora Transformation Pack for Windows XP. It is a skin that makes Windows look a lot like Fedora Linux. You can impress your friends, and show your ultimate geekyness by making Windows XP look like Linux.

I read a while back about some other packs like this, including one for Ubuntu. I will try to track it down and write about that at a later time. Until then, enjoy your new Fedora look!

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