Jan 15, 2008

Just How Secure Is Your WPA Encrypted Wireless Network?

We all know how crappy WEP is. It has been proven time and time again that it can be broken. I have even done posts on cracking WEP. What about WPA? WPA is supposed to be pretty secure right?

One of my favorite tech sites on the interweb, Hak.5 (http://www.hak5.org) decided to put their own WPA access point to the test just to see how secure it really was. They used the eeePC, Backtrack 3, and Aircrack-ng to see if they could Hack their AP. Want to know if they did it or not? Watch their video:

If you want to watch this full episode, you can catch it on Youtube here (Hak.5 Youtube) or you can download it directly from their website. (http://www.hak5.org)

So what's the moral of the story boys and girls? Strong passwords!

If you have a wireless access point, make sure you have a complicated enough password so that it will be virtually impossible, or take an un-godly amount of time to guess. You want to make your network harder to hack than the next guy's. Nine times out of ten, the average hacker will go for the easier target. Don't let your access point be the easy hack!

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