Sep 17, 2007

Gentoo? Use Version 2006.1

I knew if I kept at it I would find a solution! I was about ready to pull my hair out until about 10 minutes ago. I have been trying all weekend to get Gentoo to install using the newest 2007.0 install CD's. I tried first using the GUI installer from the Live CD and failed. I tried the command line installer on the live CD and failed. I tried doing the quick stage three install from the command line using the quick install guide from the gentoo website and failed.

I finally stumbled onto a forum saying that the live cd installer of Gentoo for 2007.0 didn't work and was riddled with bugs. I read further and a number of people said they had success with version 2006.1. I decided that I didn't have anything else to lose, so I downloaded the 2006.1 live cd.

After about an hour, I am now updating my blog using my newly installed Gentoo machine! So if anyone asks, DON'T USE VERSION 2007.0 IF YOU CAN HELP IT! USE 2006.1 UNTIL THE NEXT VERSION COMES OUT!

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