Sep 21, 2007 Files Charges Against Media Companies

Yes, you read that correctly! The Pirate Bay, one of the foremost pirate bit torrent sites on the net is fighting back against media companies that are trying to sabotage their operations and take them down!

The Pirate Bay alleges that, " labels are paying professional hackers, saboteurs and DDoSers to destroy [their] trackers." The Pirate bay reported their findings to the police.

The companies that the Pirate Bay are saying are involved are:
* Twentieth Century Fox, Sweden AB
* Emi Music Sweden AB
* Universal Music Group Sweden AB
* Universal Pictures Nordic AB
* Paramount Home Entertainment (Sweden) AB
* Atari Nordic AB
* Activision Nordic Filial Till Activision (Uk) Ltd
* Ubisoft Sweden AB
* Sony Bmg Music Entertainment (Sweden) AB
* Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Nordic AB

What do you think? Are the entertainment companies in the wrong for trying to protect their business, or is it the Pirate Bay that is in the wrong? Hit me up in the comments!

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