Sep 5, 2007

Creating Bootlegs Like the Pros

Let's just say that you read my post a few months back on becoming a DVD pirate. That article of course was meant for educational purposes only, or at least to teach you how to back up your sister's wedding video, not necessarily for making legally questionable copies of DVD's. Of course, this article has the same intention. MAKING COPIES OF DVD's IS ILLEGAL!

Let's go on to say that you like making the copies, but you miss the commercial DVD's you buy because of the pretty pictures on the DVD's, or you like the art on the DVD case, or maybe you just don't want to make it so damned obvious that you have been pirating DVD's.

I found a website a few years ago that hosts the worlds largest selection of DVD covers for both the DVD media and, if you have bought them, DVD cases. The website is With their labels, you can make your bootleg's look almost identical to the real deal! You will need to purchase some DVD Labels of course. If you want to make the DVD cases, you will need both the cases and the case inserts. You will also need to have software for printing these labels. I personally liked Media Face 4 software for this, but it costs money. If you want to stay on the cheaper end, offers their own, free label software called Cover XP. Cover XP isn't quite as good as Media face, but it works.

Now you can stop writing on your DVD's with a sharpie, and start really making the quality bootlegs you have always wanted to make!

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