Sep 20, 2007

OpenSUSE...What a Beautiful Thing!

As you all know from my posts here, here, here and here, I am working on my final networking project in school. If you haven't read those posts, I have to build an all Linux network, and each machine has to have a different disro of Linux.

Through a nasty plot twist, I had to trade my perfectly designed network for one that I was unfamiliar with. On my network, I have OpenSUSE, Slackware, Solaris, FreeBSD, and DSL.

Last night was install night, and I'll tell you this. OpenSUSE was a dream come true in this uncertain time. After the install I had DNS and DHCP up and running in about 10 minutes, if that! Configuration was a snap! I would even venture to say that DNS and DHCP setup on OpenSUSE is 1000 times easier and more intuitive than Windows!

To configure it, click on the computer menu (Same as Start for Windows) go to contol center. Scroll to the bottom and click on Yast Admin Tool. Click on Network Services and there you have all of your server configuration tools. You have DNS, DHCP, Samba and others. I don't think things could get and easier!

Now the only thing I have to do on my new OpenSUSE server is to configure it for wireless. The problem is that when I installed OpenSUSE it didn't detect the wireless card. The card that is in the computer is a Linksys wmp54g version 4.1. After looking at some posts online I think I have to make the driver using NDISWRAPPER and the Windows drivers. The same goes for my Slackware machine and my Solaris machine too, but that will be a different post.

If you have any tips, or suggestions about getting a
Linksys wmp54g version 4.1 card working in Solaris, I am all ears, because I can't find a damn thing online about it. Please hit me up in the comments if you can help me out with that!

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