Sep 12, 2007

Autopatcher is Down! I Repeat! Autopatcher is Down!

We are working on a project in my Capstone class at school. In this project we have to create a Windows 2000 Active Directory Network. It's pretty straight forward.

Well, when doing the updates I decided I would use Autopatcher to make patching all of the hosts a cinch. Well I didn't take into account one thing.... Micro$oft is friggin' EVIL!

Microshaft sent the Autopatcher team a cease and desist notice via email telling them to take down the download page on the August 29th. That includes all mirrors and FTP sites as well.

The good news is that the team said they would start working on a web-based version of Autopatcher, so we should see that in the not-so-distant future if everything works out well.

In the meantime, Windiz Updates is still available as an alternative to Microsoft Update.

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