Sep 26, 2007

Google Pirating

I have found a pretty cool search engine while wasting time using my Stumble Upon toolbar. The difference between this search engine and others is that it's sole purpose in life is to search for pirated stuff!

You can search for torrents, software, roms, music, ringtones, and much more! This search engine is called Google Pirate. The secret behind it is that it uses Google as the back end, and it modifies your search into a Google custom search that only returns the information you want. Like when searching for Spiderman 3 in the torrents, you only get links to torrent sites that are currently hosting torrents for Spiderman 3! I'll tell you what, this could save some of you guys out there so much time!

Be careful though, because most of the stuff you will find on this site is illegal. Check your local laws before using this site.

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