Mar 27, 2009

How to get rid of your Cable Box and Tivo forever!

Not that this is totally a plug for or anything at all. I swear I'm just bringing you some great content and information. But if you are just interested in the list of free TV and Movie sites you can happen to find those on Now that has been said lets bring you the real start to the article.

So there's a lot of things you can do to get good media to your TV but I'm going to go over the steps I use. First things first you'll need a way to access the internet or at least your local intranet from your tv. This can be in the form of a PC(Both), a Wii(Internet) or Xbox(Intranet).

If you setup your PC directly to your TV you can really watch just about anything. From any of the sites listed below or movies or TV shows that you've downloaded or even your Netflix Watch it now queue. This however would require setting up a media center or just using a wireless keyboard or mouse, and an extra pc to put in your living room. I have my PC in my living room that also acts as my Media Server running Vista Media Center, TVersity and PlayOn. Now don't laugh at me running VMC there's a ton of free plugins out there for all kinds of things to add to it which can be accessed by many extender devices.

Next thing I have setup is the Nintendo Wii. With it I've purchased their web browser and can access the internet. Since it supports flash there's a lot you can watch with it. Many of my links down there will work with it and you can also setup TVersity to stream media from your pc to your Wii. Now the quality is always a little lower since the Wii doesn't quite have the hardware of the other consoles but it works and you get used to it quick. A tutorial to setup TVersity to stream to your Wii can be found here.

Now there's the Xbox. This is my preferred method of watching content on my TV. It picks up all my media servers from my pc. Also with a gold membership which comes bundled with a lot of good add-ons for your Xbox that you'll probably buy anyway you can watch all your Netflix watch it now queue. Also with PlayOn you can also watch your Netflix and Hulu on your Xbox. Granted it's a $40 purchase but this is just a one time purchase where as with cable you're paying probably that every month. So to get Hulu on your Xbox PlayOn is really your only option. I've tried several other services that are free but none of them have worked for Hulu content. Also the benefit of using TVersity to stream your media to your Xbox is that it'll take care of the encoding for you so no need to convert videos you've downloaded to play them on your xbox.

So I'm sure some of you are wondering, "Hey what about the PS3?" Well I don't have a PS3 and nor do I plan on buying one. So unless someone wants to donate one to Bauer Power or Make Me a Sammich then we will not be blogging about them. So suck it Sony.

Here is the list of sites to watch Free TV online and Free Movies online: (WARNING: May contain Adult content.)
VH1 Popup Videos

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