May 7, 2007

Open Source Alternative to M$ Office

I had a native American History class a few years ago at SDSU. In that class there was a lady that was also in my Natural Disasters class. We were discussing the power point slides for one of the two classes and how the instructor provided them on the school's blackboard website. The only problem was that she couldn't view them from home because she didn't have Microsoft Powerpoint at home. I of couse, felt that there was no excuse for this. Why does everyone feel that Microsoft is the begin all and end all of software? Because Microsoft has a helluva marketing team, that's why.

I let her know that there was an alternative out there, and that it is free. I am talking about OpenOffice! Many people on the internet already know of this, but just as many still haven't heard the news. There is an Open Source office suite complete with word processor, spreadsheet software, database and yes, even a presentation software. What also makes this free suite so great is that it is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office 2003 and below. That means that my classmate could view the teacher's power point presentations using this new suite. She was over joyed to learn of the software, and she may have even passed the class thanks to yours truly. Another great thing is that OpenOffice is available for Windows, Linux and Mac!

So if you have been looking for an office solution, but didn't want to shell out the $370 for Office 2007 Standard, then you need to think outside of thebox, and start thinking OpenOffice!

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