May 21, 2007

Audio Video Player Freeware

Have you ever downloaded a video clip, or put a DVD into your computer to watch, only to find that the built in Windows Media Player does not support it? Many times I have too. The problem is that the built in media player doesn't have all of the necessary CODECs (CODEC stands for COMpression DECompression) to play every format out there. Windows lets you get the CODECs for a small fee though to use with their built in Media Player.

I'm here to tell you that you don't need to fork over any more money than you already have to Micro$oft. They already got you with the outrageous cost of Windows Vista and Office 2007, I think they are good for this year. I'm going to talk about a free CODEC pack, and a player that will play just about all media types, and the lofty price tag on this puppy is a whopping $0.

I am talking about the K-Lite Codec Pack, which comes complete with Media Player Classic, a free media player that plays just about everything including native Linux audio like OGG. It will play DVD's, AVIs, MPEGs, MP3, MP4 you name it, it will probably play it. When you play video files, you can even play them in full screen mode.

The next time you pop your DVD player in, and it won't play, don't go out and buy Microsoft's CODECs, and don't buy a software DVD Player like Ultra DVD. Stay home, and download the K-Lite CODEC pack for free.

Don't Forget your Bauer-Power Gear!

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