May 1, 2007

Printing to PDF for Free

Not everyone is a tech guru, or just a slight geek like me. Infact most people don't realize the full potential of their computers and they only do simple office tasks like read e-mail and create excel spreadsheets. That is perfectly okay!

I realize that in my previous posts, you might have to be somewhat technically savvy to understand what I'm talking about. I mean, most users can barely spell FTP, let alone know what it is. I will try to throw in reviews about regular software from time to time for those out there that don't speak nerd. This blog entry is one of those reviews.

Many people out there want a low cost, yet highly effective way to create PDF documents, but don't want to shell out $200 to $400 dollars to Adobe to get it done. They want to be able to easily convert their word documents, or maybe e-mails or excel spreadsheets into PDF. There is an easier way, and even better, a cheaper way.

PDFCreator is an open source application that works like a virtual printer. When you install it, it shows up in your printers and faxes as a printer. To create documents, you simply click File, Print and select PDFCreator as your printer. A dialog pops up asking you where to save it and what to name it. It litterally is that easy!

Lot's of so called free PDF creators out there put there logo at the bottom, but not this one. This one prints out a beautiful and clean PDF document everytime. So the next time someones wants you to send them something in PDF format, create it in Word, and print it to PDF.

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