May 6, 2007

Break Away from Limewire

How many of you use Limewire to download music, software, videos and sometimes viruses? Millions I am sure. Limewire is a fantastic program for peer to peer file sharing. The only catch? It's not free. Limewire Pro costs $18.88. Limewire does have a light version but to get all of the good stuff, you have to pay for it.

Being as how I don't like to pay for software if I don't have to, I prefer to use a different Gnutella client for my file sharing goodness. I like Frostwire, an open source Gnutella client spun off from the community of Limewire.

You read that correctly. Frostwire was created by community members of Limewire? What for? Because Limewire was forced to implement copyright protection into their program to prevent you from sharing or downloading files without the proper license.

Frostwire has all of the same functionality, including the "Turbo Charged" connection without the cost. Also, it is skinable. You can download different skins to change the look and feel of Frostwire.

Save yourself a buck. The next time you decide to look for a file sharing program, save $20 and go for the open source solution. Get Frostwire!

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