May 15, 2007

Super Mario Forever

So here I am sitting in my Windows 2003 Server class in school, listening to my instructor Brent jaw on and on about domain structure, and how to use the "New Trust Wizard". Blah blah blah. booooorrrinnngg! Half of you just fell asleep reading that I'm sure.

So I do a little Google search for a free game to pass the time. I played some of the open source ones I told you about before, but I wanted something else. I wanted something that would take me back to me childhood. Well I found it in Super Mario Forever.

After you install, you can start playing. It plays in full screen. The graphics are pretty good (better than the real Nintendo version anyways).

Sure, it isn't up there with XBox, or PS3, but it certainly passes the time in Brent's server class.

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