Apr 15, 2013

Would You Spend $15M on an iPhone?

(Photo Credit: NY Daily News)
Some people I know scoff at the standard price tag of an iPhone 5, like this unlocked version that is going for $710 on Amazon. I couldn't imagine anyone wanting one that cost $15 million!

Well an after market designer has created just that, an iPhone 5 with a deep-cut black diamond for the home screen, and 600 white diamonds that make up the Apple logo on the back!

From Yahoo/ABC News:

The phone has a solid-gold chassis that Hughes crafted by hand. But the real cost comes from the most expensive home button in the world. 
That home button is made of a single, deep-cut, black diamond that weighs 26 carats. The diamond is said to be worth $14.5 million. 
And the diamonds don't end there. There are 600 white, flawless diamonds located within the Apple logo on the back and on the edges.
Would you spend that kind of money on an iPhone? Personally since I hate Apple, and I'm more of an Android guys anyway, I wouldn't spend $15 on an iPhone. That's just me though.

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