Apr 12, 2013

If You Use Open Source Tools, Robot Recruiters Are Looking For You

In this economy having an edge over the competition can be huge. When I was an instructor at Coleman University in San Diego, I used to tell my students that getting your degree, or your certifications is perfect for a resume because it will help you get your foot in the door. However it's what you know in the interview that will get you the job.

Well another thing that you can do to improve your resume, at least for automated "robot" recruiters, is to show that you are a user of open source and freeware tools.


...the rise of the cloud and Big Data tools is also giving rise to a need for expertise in using these tools. Jobs for people with Linux and Big Data skills are readily available around the world. 
In an interesting spin on this trend, though, there are also some signs emerging that Big Data analysis tools could even match skilled workers up with their ideal jobs in ways that human recruiters can't. And, these tools may put special emphasis on how savvy job seekers are with open source technology and general computing knowledge.
The Economist recently released a similar report on "Robot Recruiters" in which they said that if potential employers detect, or find out that you don't use the stock browser that came with your Operating System, that it can be a big plus towards hiring you.

From The Economist:
In the case of hiring American workers who toil by the hour, number-crunching has uncovered some surprising correlations...For instance, people who fill out online job applications using browsers that did not come with the computer (such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on a Windows PC) but had to be deliberately installed (like Firefox or Google’s Chrome) perform better and change jobs less often.
So I guess all those years of reading Bauer-Power will finally pay off! I mean we've been recommending cool freeware for at least eight years!

Have you ever gotten a job because of the open source or freeware that you use? If so, tell us about it in the comments.

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