Apr 2, 2013

Facebook Showing Interest in 'Bang With Friends' Hook-up App

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I am married, so I don't spend time out on the prowl anymore looking to hook up with random ladies. When I was though, I did it the old fashioned way by trying to get ladies liquored up at the club.

You young bucks are apparently taking advantage of modern technology, and letting social media do the work for you. One of the ways you horn-dogs are doing it is with an app for Facebook called Bang with Friends.

Well the folks at Facebook looking to break into the online dating market are reportedly offering around $30 Million to acquire bang With Friends.

From The Blaze:

There are numerous websites devoted specifically for people seeking a “hook-up” — the modern term for a one night stand. It might not surprise some that there’s an app on Facebook doing surprisingly well in terms of popularity facilitating introductions for this very activity. 
But what may surprise you is that Facebook might be trying to buy it. Sources with insider news are saying the social media site is thinking of purchasing the app as Facebook seeks to make its way into the online dating market.
Tech Cruch went on to say:

We’re also hearing that Facebook attempted to clone the product, which allows friends to choose which of their friends they’re interested in sleeping with (and connects them if the feeling’s mutual), internally before approaching the founders. Robust staff penetration and rumors that Google is building a competitive hook-up platform called Google F*ck Now also hastened the deal. 
According to one source, Facebook considers the dating market to be “bigger than e-commerce,” and it hopes to evolve beyond being a platform for stalking people you are silently crushing on into a platform for actually banging those people. Nine years after its launch, the social network will finally realize its full potential: From stalking to action, making the world “more open and connected” where it counts the most.
Do any of you use this app? How's it working out for you? Getting lucky? Let us know in the comments.

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