Apr 22, 2013

CBS Had Some Twitter Accounts Hacked

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CBS Twitter accounts for 60 minutes and 48 hours were hacked over the weekend. The Twitter account for CBS Denver was also hacked.

From Reuters:
A post on the "60 Minutes" Twitter microblog account, @60Minutes, said, "PLEASE NOTE: Our Twitter account was compromised earlier today. We are working with Twitter to resolve." Another post read, "A message that was posted earlier to this account was not written or sent by @60Minutes or its staff." 
The Twitter account for @48Hours showed a similar message, and several blogs said a third account, @CBSDenver, also had been hacked. 
Tech bloggers posted screenshots of fake posts that appeared under the CBS accounts, including one from @48Hours that read, "General Dempsey calls for #Obama's arrest under new anti-terror laws #48hours." 
On its own official account, @CBSNews, the news organization said it had "experienced problems" on the other two accounts, and added, "Twitter is resolving issues."
All accounts have been recovered by CBS now. No suspects have been found, and nobody has taken responsibility for the hack.
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