Apr 3, 2013

Anonymous Hackers Steal 15,000 Passwords From N. Korean Site

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A hacker, or a group of hackers is claiming that they have hacked North Korea's Uriminzokkiri.com website stealing around 15,000 usernames and passwords. The site is considered to be one of North Korea's more prominent sites.

From The Next Web:
An anonymously written note – first spotted by the North Korea Tech blog — makes the claim, and discloses what are said to be six sample user records for the site, which is run out of China. 
The posting, which is in English, boldly demands that Kim Jong-un resigns and installs free democracy in the country. It also calls on the country to stop its commitment to nuclear weapons and introduce universal Internet access for its citizens. According to the note, the hacker/hackers have access to the country’s local intranets, mail servers and Web servers and are promising to wreak more havoc later this month as part of the Anonymous #OpFreeKorea campaign. 
“First we gonna wipe your data, then we gonna wipe your badass dictatorship ‘government’”, the statement says. 
Looking at the names of the email addresses of the half a dozen supposed leaks, three appear to be Korean, with the other three Chinese. 
Based on the data, the passwords appear to be hashed, which provides some basic security against theft. Passwords are run through an algorithm to generate hashes and, though they can be ‘cracked’, it is a better option than storing plain text passwords. 
While it is not clear how strongly the self-professed hackers are affiliated with Anonymous or, indeed, if the claim of 15,000 user credentials is legitimate, the news follows a series of initiatives from the Anonymous group in response to North Korea’s closed Internet, harsh regime and growing hostility to South Korea, the US and other countries.
Anonymous has been responsible for other attacks against oppressive regimes in the past, including the Libyan government during the Arab Spring uprising in 2011.

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