Apr 17, 2013

Nobody Has 100% Up Time: Google Docs, Gmail and Google Drive Had Outage on Tuesday

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We in IT know that no matter how hard you strive for it, you can't ever really have 100% up time. Some places have better up time than others, with 99.99%, but at some point everyone has a service interruption for one reason or another.

Well a big name just proved my point for me on Tuesday. Several Google services were affected by a temporary outage.

From The Washington Post:

Many Gmail users faced an unwelcome surprise Tuesday morning when they fired up their computers for the day: Google’s e-mail service and its cloud storage service, Google Drive, were down. 
Google apologized for the outage in a statement late morning and said that it will let users know what caused the  disruption when its teams have completed their investigations. The company said on its  Apps Status Dashboard  that it expects the limited outage to resolved “in the near future.” The company said that some users have already seen service return and that it will provide regular updates on the issue. 
According to the company’s posting, the outage is affecting “less than 0.007” percent of Google Mail users. Last June, the company disclosed that Gmail has 425 million active users; the company says that 5 million businesses use its Google Apps for Business services. 
The company is reporting service disruptions for Google Mail, Google Drive, Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets and Google Presentations.
The next time your non-tech savvy boss tells you that they expect your Exchange server to never go down, go ahead and send them this article.

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