Apr 15, 2013

Anonymous Hackers Attack N. Korea For Second Time In Two Weeks. Still Have Control Of One Twitter Account

We reported two weeks ago that Anonymous had hacked the prominent North Korean central news and information site (Read propaganda site) Uriminzokkiri.com. Well they have hacked into several more sites and they still have control over the Uriminzok Twitter account.

From The Next Web:

Hackers from the Anonymous group have hacked into several prominent North Korean websites for the second time in less than two weeks, as part of ongoing protests which have seen it retain control of the country’s official Twitter account. 
The @Uriminzok Twitter account has remained in the hands of the hackers since the earlier attack on April 4, and this morning (Asia time) the hackers posted a series of messages indicating that four North Korean websites — including central news and information site Uriminzokkiri.com – had been hacked or taken offline. 
As they stated during the previous attack, the hackers have claimed to have a number of North Korea’s websites under their control.
Uriminzokkiri.com has been taken offline apparently, but the other sites which include minjok.com, jajusasang.com, and paekdu-hanna.com are still under the control of Anonymous who has replaced their home page with the following image:

[EDIT: it looks like the affected sites have either been repaired, or taken down completely.]
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