Aug 14, 2012

Wikileaks Back After DDoS

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The infamous whistle blowing site Wikileaks which is well known for reporting the dirt our governments do behind our backs is back after being down or very slow for almost a week. The group claiming responsibility is a hacktivist group calling themselves @AntiLeaks. From their tweet:

We have proven to two separate media organizations that we are behind these attacks by giving them advanced notice of our next target. We find the speculation that we are not behind these attacks and/or that we are CIA/NSA/FBI or even wikileaks themselves to be downright comical. 
We gave @wlpress a 5 minute advanced notice of our next attack to take down there backup mirror( on August 10th. We also gave a 30 minute advanced notice of our attack on the President of Ecuador's website to the german tech publication Gulli ( The logs of both servers will show an attack precisely when we said it would occur. These are irrefutable facts. 
In the end we cannot prove individually to every person that doubts our claims that we are behind these attacks. There are a lot of people who still don't believe we landed on the moon. We feel we have nothing left to prove to anybody. 
/// DietPepsi

The BBC reported that the site suffered traffic of up to 10Gbps which apparently it was not set up to handle and caused the site to be slow and unresponsive. The BBC also noted a possible connection to a company called Trapwire which collects data from security cameras and numbered plate readers in an attempt to forecast terrorism (Person of Interest anybody?). From the article:

Wikileaks Press, a Wikileaks-endorsed website that publishes news about the organisation, noted that the attack had started shortly after emails were leaked about surveillance by software company Trapwire. 
The firm collects data from CCTV cameras and number plate readers in a bid to forecast acts of terrorism. 
The emails were obtained after a hack of US-based intelligence company Stratfor.

Meanwhile, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is seeking political asylum in Ecuador's London embassy and trying to avoid extradition to Sweden to face rape and assault charges which some believe Assange has been framed for to keep he and his website silent.

Show of hands, how many of you feel that @AntiLeaks is government sponsored? Let us know in the comments.

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