Aug 8, 2012

Watch Trueblood For Free On The Shady

trueblood (Photo credit: sciondriver)
It's summer time and one of my favorite shows is on HBO right now. That show is super popular, and is currently in it's 5th season. The show of course is Trueblood, and if you've never heard of it, it's about vampires (and other supernatural beings or "supes") that have decided to come out of the shadows and the woodworks to "mainstream." Mainstreaming is when a vampire or some other supe tries to coexist with the humans. This was all made popular by the invention of a synthetic blood called Trueblood, so vampires no longer have to feed on humans to survive. Long story short, it's a great show!

Another of my favorite shows on HBO is Game of Thrones. That show is a little harder to explain what is going on because things change so rapidly, and there are multiple stories going on. It basically takes place in a fantasy world where several families are feuding over the throne to the seven kingdoms. Yeah, I guess that basically sums it up.

What if you don't have HBO though? Hell, what if you don't have cable? I suppose you can wait for the DVD to come out, but then how are you going to keep up with the converstations at the water cooler at work? I have a solution for you, but you might not like it because it's... ahem... illegal. If you have no issues with that, then check out this week's Tech Chop:

Simple right? This works really well if you have a set top box like a Boxee or a WD Live TV. I also think that if you are doing this with a lot of shows, you might want to invest in some network storage to store it and stream it from. Something like a Drobo NAS would be good for that.

Know of a better way to watch your favorite HBO shows without cable? Let us know how you keep up to date with these shows in the comments.

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