Aug 24, 2012

Holy Crap Finally! SSTP Client For Linux

A few days ago I wrote about a free two factor authentication solution for your Microsoft RRAS VPN server. In that post I mentioned how much I like Microsoft's VPN solution, particularly SSTP. I just like not having to use a third party client to connect to my company's VPN.

The problem with SSTP though is that I also like using Linux a lot, and SSTP is only available for Microsoft Windows Vista systems or better. Well, that is until now. Introducing SSTP-Client for Linux.

From their page:

SSTP-Client is an SSTP client for Linux. It can be used to establish a SSTP connection to a Windows 2008 Server. This software is similar commandline and configuration as the pptp-client software. 
SSTP-Client features:
  • Connect to Microsoft RAS network using SSTP
  • Use HTTPS with strong encryption over port 443
  • Asynchronous HDLC frame support
  • Integration with pon/poff with various distributions

I have yet to  setup, but it looks simple enough. The instructions for Ubuntu is as follows:

It's pretty simple to integrate sstp-client into the Ubuntu / Debian distribution distribution. An example script is provided in support/peer-sstp-example.txt 
Specify your MSCHAP password in /etc/ppp/chap-secrets 
Example Entry:
     SSTP-TEST\\JonDoe  sstp-test   'testme1234!'     
  • Create a connect script in /etc/ppp/peers/sstp-test, similar to the example provided in ./support. Swap out user-name as appropriate.
  • Start the script using "pon".
  • sudo pon sstp-test
I'm going to try this, and hopefully it works. It looks promising!

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